Performance Engineering Tutorial

This Performance Engineering tutorial provides basic and in-depth knowledge of Performance Engineering. The tutorial describes the core concept of performance engineering in layman’s terms to clear your basics and make a strong platform for performance engineering skills. So, let’s start and deep-dive into the knowledge of ocean for Performance Engineering:

Performance Engineering PerfMatrix


  1. Performance Engineering – Overview
  2. Performance Testing vs Performance Engineering
  3. Software Architecture and its types
  4. Performance Metrics of all tiers
  5. Physical CPU vs Logical CPU
  6. Agent-based vs Agent-less Performance Monitoring Tool
  7. What are the factors affect the Performance of an application/system?
  8. Performance Bottlenecks Debugging

Performance Counters:

  1. IBM DB2 
  2. Oracle DB
  3. MySQL DB
  4. MongoDB
  5. PostgreSQL
  6. Windows Operating System
    1. PerfMon – Basics
    2. PerfMon – Data Collector
  7. Linux Operating System
    1. vmstat
    2. mpstat
    3. iostat
  8. Unix (AIX) Operating System
  9. HP-UX Operating System
  10. Solaris Operating System
  11. VMWare Systems


  1. Garbage Collection
    1. Overview
    2. Memory Heap and Generation Type
    3. How does GC work?
    4. Types of GC
    5. GC Throughput
    6. GC Latency
  2. Heap Dump
    1. Overview
  3. Thread Dump
    1. Overview
    2. Life Cycle of Thread
    3. Thread Dump Generation
    4. How to read Thread Dump?
    5. Thread Dump Analysis
    6. fastThread РThread Dump Analyzer
  4. AWR Report
    1. Overview & Report Generation
    2. AWR Report Analysis Guide


  1. Web Server (Apache)
  2. Web Server (ASP)
  3. Garbage Collector – Tips for tuning
  4. Level of Monitoring in Performance Testing

Performance Engineering YouTube Tutorial:

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