Iteration Calculator

Calculate the Iteration rate by providing the required inputs. This calculator helps to estimate the iteration count on per hour and per second basis.

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Requirement: A call center wants to check the performance of its software system. The call center has 1440 employees who get calls from different geographical regions. The average time to solve a customer query is 300 seconds. The call center employee takes 60 seconds rest between 2 calls.

Workload Modelling: A performance tester needs to design the workload model for the above requirement. He prepares the script as per the call center employee’s workflow. The script takes 200 seconds without any think time to complete one iteration. He adds 10 seconds think time between the transactions and gets 100 seconds as total think time. He provides a pacing value of 60 seconds which is equal to the employee’s rest between two calls (mentioned in the requirement). Now, he wants to calculate the total number of calls per hour. He also wants to know how many calls will be attended by an individual employee during the test. The above-given iteration calculator will provide both the values:

  • No. of Users (Threads): 1440
  • End to End Response Time (in seconds): 200
  • Pacing (in seconds): 60
  • Total Think Time (in seconds): 100

The results are:

  • Iterations per hour are 14400. This is equal to the number of calls attended by all the call center employees in one hour.
  • Iterations per second are 10. Hence an individual call center employee will respond to 10 calls in one hour.

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