UI Performance Testing Tutorial

This tutorial provides basic and in-depth knowledge of UI (User Interface) Performance Testing. It describes the core concept of UI Performance Testing in layman terms to clear your basics and make a strong platform of performance testing skills using the different UI tools.

Also, you will find some simple and ultimate tips and tricks of UI Performance Testing. These tips and tricks will help you to get the easiest solutions to complex scripting scenarios and get the true performance of the application. Please note that some of the tips and tricks are related to the specific tool version, so check the compatibility before applying the solutions.

UI Performance Testing Tutorial

  1. Basic Terms
    1. Page Load Time
    2. First Page
    3. First Contentful Paint
    4. First Meaningful Paint
    5. Largest Contentful Paint
    6. Speed Index
    7. Time to Interactive
    8. Total Blocking Time
  2. UI Testing Tool
  3. Automate Client-Side Performance Metrics Collection
  4. Google WebPageTest API – A Practical Example

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