How to Test a MongoDB Cloud Database?

When working with cloud databases, you can have more room to focus on your code since many of the backend processes are handled by the database provider. These include security monitoring, storage allocation, and creating backups of your data. MongoDB’s cloud database, named Atlas, belongs to this category. It is a fully-managed database that allows … Read more

Risks Addressed By Performance Test

Risk Addressed by Performance Test

Performance testing is a broad and complex activity that can take many forms, address many risks, and provide an organisation with a wide range of value. It is essential to understand the different performance test types to reduce risks, minimize cost, and know when to apply the appropriate test during a given performance-testing project. To … Read more

Performance Testing Checklist

Performance Testing Checklist

Below is the performance testing checklist that can help you to conduct smooth performance tests without missing any important tasks before performing the test: Risk Assessment: Understanding the System Architecture Identification of Critical Business Flows Identification of In-scope and Out-of-scope components Deep understanding of all the in-scope components Understanding the impact of changes on all … Read more

Performance Testing Cheat Sheet

Performance Testing Cheat Sheet

This Performance Testing Cheat Sheet will help you to quickly revise all the critical performance testing terms in a simple way: Basic Performance Metrics: User Load Response Time Requests/Transactions per second Data Throughput Error Rate CPU Utilization Memory Utilization Disk Utilization Performance Test Type Early Performance Test (EPT): To measure system performance during the initial … Read more

Performance Engineering Interview Questions #1

Following are the Performance Engineering Interview Questions Set #1. Q. 1 What is Software Performance Engineering? Ans: Performance Engineering is a systematic way of following the best practices and applying techniques in all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) to ensure that the final product is fast, responsive, scalable and optimized appropriately. Read … Read more

Interview Tips for Performance Test Engineers

Written By:¬†Swetha Pujari This post provides interview tips for performance test engineers to understand the way how to answer or describe the concept of performance engineering and testing during the interview. Interesting answers to some of the template questions in tech interviews. First Segment Let’s start with the most expected question of all times. Introduce … Read more