NeoLoad Tutorial

This tutorial provides basic and in-depth knowledge of the Neotys NeoLoad Performance Testing tool. It describes the core concept of NeoLoad in layman’s terms to clear your basics and make a robust platform of performance testing skills using the NeoLoad tool.

Neotys NeoLoad Tutorial

Also, you will find some simple and ultimate tips and tricks of Neotys NeoLoad. These tips and tricks will help you to get the most straightforward solutions to complex scripting scenarios. Please note that some of the tips and tricks are related to specific Neotys NeoLoad versions, so check the compatibility before applying the solutions.

NeoLoad Tutorial

  1. Installation
  2. Functional & Operational Features
  3. Script Recording
  4. Check User Path
  5. Correlation
  6. Parameterization
  7. Type of Variables
    1. Counter
    2. List
    3. File
    4. SQL
    5. Random Integer
    6. Random String
    7. Constant String
    8. Password
    9. Date
    10. Current Date
    11. Random UUID
  8. Populations (Virtual User Distribution)
  9. Monitors
  10. Runtime
    1. Scenarios
    2. Runtime Overview
  11. Uninstall of NeoLoad

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