Performance Testing Video Tutorial

A video tutorial on performance testing basics will help you to understand the performance testing concept visually. Watch these videos to get in-depth knowledge of Performance Testing. Refer to the below link to subscribe PerfMatrix YouTube channel:

PerfMatrix – The Core Performance Testing YouTube Channel

Performance Testing Terminologies:

  1. What is Performance Testing?
  2. Tools, Types and Functioning
  3. What is User Load?
  4. What is Think Time?
  5. What is Throughput?
  6. What is 90th Percentile Response Time?
  7. What is Standard Deviation?
  8. What is Correlation & its approach?

Types of Performance Testing:

  1. What is Load Test?
  2. What is Stress Test?
  3. What is Soak or Endurance Test?
  4. What is Spike Test?
  5. What is Step-up Test?
  6. What is Break-Point Test?
  7. What is Volume Test?
  8. What is Failover Test?

Performance Engineering:

  1. What is Performance Engineering?
  2. Application Architecture
  3. Layered Architecture
  4. Client-Server Architecture
  5. Java Garbage Collection – Part I
  6. Java Garbage Collection – Part II
  7. Automated Performance Testing for DevOps (Demo Session)
  8. Advanced Performance Engineering with Real Hands-on (Demo Session I)
  9. Advanced Performance Engineering with Real Hands-on (Demo Session II)
  10. Mobile Performance Testing using LoadRunner & JMeter (Demo Session)
  11. Cloud Performance Engineering in DevOps (Demo Session)
  12. Heap Memory, Heap Dump & Heap Dump Analysis

Performance Testing & Engineering Tips

  1. PTLC – Risk Assessment
  2. When to start Performance Testing?
  3. Early Performance Testing
  4. Right Questions for NFR Gathering
  5. How to calculate Fixed Pacing?
  6. How to calculate Dynamic Pacing?
  7. How to design the Workload Model?
  8. How to suspect DB Bottleneck?
  9. How to prepare a Performance Test Plan?
  10. How to prepare a Performance Test Report?
  11. Client-Side Performance Testing

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