Virtual User Calculator

Through the calculator, calculate the Number of Virtual User (in LoadRunner terms) by providing the required inputs. This calculator also helps to estimate the number of threads for any JMeter test.

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Requirement: A company wants to test its e-commerce website. Every hour, the company gets 1200 orders on a regular basis. A real-world user takes around 60 seconds to place an order on the website.

Workload Modelling: A performance tester needs to design the workload model for the above requirement. He prepares the script to place an order on the website. The script takes 30 seconds without any think time to complete one iteration. He adds 5 seconds of think time between the transactions and gets 30 seconds as total think time. He assumes 60 seconds of pacing. Now, he wants to calculate the number of users to be used as a load in the performance test. He uses the above-given virtual user calculator by providing the below inputs:

  • End to End Response Time (in seconds): 30
  • Expected No. of Iterations per hour: 1200
  • Pacing (in seconds): 60
  • Total Think Time (in seconds): 30

The result is 40. These 40 users will achieve 1200 orders per hour on the website. Hence he needs to design the workload model using 40 users load.

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