TPS Calculator

TPS Calculator

Calculate the transaction rate by providing the required inputs. This calculator helps to estimate the transaction count on per hour and per second basis i.e. TPH and TPS.

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Requirement: A company want to test very basic functionality of its website. The transaction flow is Home Page -> Login -> Logout. There are only 3 pages which need performance check. The expected number of users is 50.

Workload Modelling: A performance tester needs to design the workload model for the above requirement. He prepares the script contains Home Page, Login and Logout page transactions. The script takes 40 seconds to complete one iteration. 40 seconds include both end-to-end response time and think time which are 10 seconds and 30 seconds respectively. He provides pacing value as 60 seconds. Now, he wants to calculate the total number of transactions per second. This value will help him to analyse the server capacity to handle the page requests at 50 user load. The above-given calculator will provide him TPS value as well as TPH value:

  • No. of Users (Threads): 50
  • End to End Response Time (in seconds): 10
  • No. of Transactions in one iteration: 3
  • Pacing (in seconds): 60
  • Total Think Time (in seconds): 30

The results are:

  • TPS (Transaction per second) is 1.5.
  • TPH (Transactions per hour) is 5400.

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  1. gaurav says:

    Hi, could any one share calculator manipulation logic, because we r seeing results instead of formula.

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