Test Data Calculator

Calculate the required test data for a performance test using the calculator. This calculator evaluates the test data required during steady state only.

Remember: This calculator is useful when:

  1. A performance tester needs unique test data throughout the test
  2. Test Data calculator will calculate the steady-state test data requirement only. If the ramp-up and ramp-down periods are included in the workload scenario then provide some additional test data according to the time period.

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Requirement: A telecom company has launched a new website and wants to test its performance with the existing user load of 2,00,000. The peak load on the website is expected around 25,000 unique users with an average user session of 5 minutes.

Workload Modelling: A performance tester plans to conduct the load test to identify the performance of the website at peak load. He needs to create test data i.e. User Credentials for the load test. He uses the above-given calculator to get the required test data:

  • No. of Users (Threads): 25,000
  • Overall Response Time (in mins) #including total think time & pacing: 5 (Total transaction response time = 3, Total Think Time = 1 & Pacing = 1)
  • Test data occurrence in one iteration: 1
  • Test Duration (in minutes): 60

The result is 3,00,000. Hence performance tester needs to generate 3,00,000 unique credentials for the load test.