Think Time Calculator

Calculate the think time value by providing the required inputs. This calculator gives think time to add between two transactions. Also, it calculates the total think time value to design an accurate workload model.

Remember: Think time is inserted between a pair of transactions. Hence the number of think time functions (components) is one less than the number of transactions. Refer to the example for detailed understanding.

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Requirement: A water park provides a mobile application to buy rides. Interested people open the application, enter the authorization pin, search the ride, select the ride and pay the amount. An average of 13 minutes gap is observed before buying the next ride. Like this, a person can complete 4 rides per hour.  Now, the water park company wants to test the performance of the application. Their aim is to know whether the application can handle 1500 users load or not.

Workload Modelling: A performance tester needs to design the workload model for the above requirement. He prepares the script and executes it without think time which takes 20 seconds to complete the whole journey. He already has all the required input to design the workload model except think time:

  • No. of Users (Threads): 1500
  • End to End Response Time (in seconds): 20
  • No. of Iterations per hour: 6000 (As a person can complete only 4 rides in an hour, 1500 will complete 6000)
  • Pacing: 780 seconds (Gap between two rides is 13 minutes)

Only think time is missing which a performance tester needs to be calculated by the above-given calculator. He inserts all the inputs and gets the below result:

  • Total Think Time (in seconds): 100
  • Fixed Think Time between two transactions: 25

He distributes the fixed think time like this:

  1. Open the Application
    • Think Time 1 (25 seconds)
  2. Enter Authorization Pin
    • Think Time 2 (25 seconds)
  3. Search a Ride
    • Think Time 3 (25 seconds)
  4. Select a Ride
    • Think Time 4 (25 seconds)
  5. Payment Page

Hence 4 think time functions are needed between 5 transactions.

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