JMeter Interview Questions

What is Apache JMeter?

The open-source Apache JMeter Performance Testing tool is a Java-based tool and is intended to load-test the software applications and systems. It was initially created to test web applications, but it has subsequently grown to include other test features. Apache JMeter can be used to assess the performance of dynamic Web applications as well as static resources. To test an object’s durability or to assess overall performance under various load types, it can be used to simulate a significant load on a server, set of servers, network, or other object. Numerous monitoring and profiling tools also integrate JMeter to enhance its functionality and features.

These JMeter Interview Questions may act as a booster for a fresher to quickly grasp the basic understanding of performance testing through JMeter. For experienced performance testers, these interview questions will help them recall the basics they have already learnt.

JMeter Interview Question

Following are the JMeter Interview Questions:

  1. JMeter Interview Question Set #1
  2. JMeter Interview Question Set #2
  3. JMeter Interview Question Set #3
  4. JMeter Interview Question Set #4
  5. JMeter Interview Question Set #5
  6. JMeter Interview Question Set #6
  7. JMeter Interview Question Set #7
  8. JMeter Interview Question Set #8

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