NeoLoad – Random UUID Variable

‘Random UUID’ is a type of variable in NeoLoad to generate a random Universal Unique ID (UUID) and pass it in the script. You can also generate upper case as well as predictable randomized UUID using the given option in the pop-up.

Inputs of ‘Random UUID’ type variable

  1. Name: To provide the name of the variable to be used in the script. This is a mandatory input.
  2. Description: To describe the use of the variable. This is an optional input.
  3. Parameters: To define the setting
    1. Generate upper case UUID: Check-mark this option to generate the UUID in the upper case.
    2. Predictable randomization: Checkmark this option to make the same sequence of the random number. This option helps to compare two identical tests.
  4. Value change policy: To define the setting when the next date/time will be picked
    1. On each use (Default value)
    2. On each request
    3. On each page
    4. On each iteration
    5. For each Virtual User instance

To use the variable, you have to write ${<variable name>} in the script.

Example: ${uuID}

Note: You can also validate the variable by using the ‘Test’ option. The variable should return the correct UUID value.

NeoLoad - Random UUID Variable
Figure 01

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