How to install NeoLoad?

Follow the below given steps to install NeoLoad on a local windows machine:

Note: This guide shows the installation of NeoLoad 7.7.0. In case of any mismatch in the installation steps, refer to the official Neotys NeoLoad website.

1. Browse the link

Figure 01

2. Click ‘Try NeoLoad’

Figure 02

3. Here, you can

3a. Either fill your details in the form and click ‘Start Free Trial’ to get the start of the free trial

Figure 03

3b. Or you can click in the link ‘Click here to download directly’.

Figure 04

4. Select the NeoLoad installer as per your operating system.

How to install NeoLoad
Figure 05

5. Click ‘I agree’ on the ‘Software License Agreement’ page (if it appears) and downloading will be started. Double click on the installer file (.exe)

Figure 06

6. Installation of the Wizard will be started and you can see the progress bar

How to install NeoLoad - Installer
Figure 07

7. Select the language and press OK

How to install NeoLoad - Language
Figure 08

8. On Setup Wizard page, click ‘Next’

Figure 09

9. Read the License Agreement, select ‘I accept the agreement’ and click ‘Next’ button

How to install NeoLoad - License Agreement
Figure 10

10. Select ‘Controller’ to install the full package of NeoLoad which also includes Load Generator Agent and Monitoring Agent and click ‘Next’.

How to install NeoLoad - Installation Type
Figure 11

11. Browse the appropriate location where you want to install NeoLoad and click ‘Next’

Figure 12

12. Click ‘Next’ on ‘Select Start Menu Folder’ page

Figure 13

13. Installation will be started and you can see the progress bar

Figure 14

14. Check or uncheck the following options as per your requirement and click ‘Finish’
a. Create a desktop icon
b. Run NeoLoad

Figure 15

Once NeoLoad is fully installed you can see the icon on the desktop. Now, use this tool for performance testing.

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