NeoLoad – Password Variable

‘Password’ is a type of variable in NeoLoad to input a pre-defined password in the script. You can define an alphanumeric string that may contain letters, numbers and special characters. The value of the ‘Password’ variable is encrypted on the hard drive and hidden and use for the login/authentication form.

Inputs of ‘Password’ type variable

  1. Name: To provide the name of the variable to be used in the script. This is a mandatory input.
  2. Description: To describe the use of the variable. This is an optional input.
  3. Parameters: To define the value:
    1. Value: Provide an alphanumeric string that you want to pass in the script or login form.


Consider, a login form scenario where a user needs to input a User Name and Password and click the ‘Login’ button to access the web application. For testing purposes, we are using dummy users who have different user names but the same password. Now, we have to parameterize User Name and Password inputs. So, we will define 1 ‘File Type Variable’ for the User Name and 1 ‘Password’ variable for the same password. In case the password is different then it is recommended to use the File Type variable only. Refer to the below screenshot for a better understanding of the ‘Password’ type variable:

NeoLoad – Password Variable
Figure 01

To use the variable, you have to write ${<variable name>} in the script.

Example: ${passWord}

NeoLoad – Password Variable - Script
Figure 02

Note: You can also validate the value of the variable by using the ‘Test’ option. The variable should return the correct value.

NeoLoad – Password Variable - Test
Figure 03

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