Think Time Calculator

Think Time Calculator

Calculate the think time value by providing the required inputs. This calculator gives think time to add between two transactions. Also, it calculates the total think time value to design an accurate workload model. Remember: Think time is inserted between a pair of transactions. Hence the number of think time functions (components) is one less than … Read more

JMeter – Timer

JMeter - Timer Element

To simulate the real-world behaviour of threads (or virtual users), there are many elements in JMeter and the timer is one of them. While browsing a typical website, a real user always clicks, waits, reads and then provides input. In performance testing terms, the time spent by the user on the web page before providing any input … Read more

Importance of Pacing & Think Time

Importance of Think Time and Pacing

Think Time and Pacing have significant importance in Performance Testing. They are very basic terms which are specially used while designing the workload in the workload modelling phase of PTLC (Performance Test Life Cycle). They are used to control the transaction rate during a load test but have significant differences. A new performance tester is … Read more