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LoadRunner - How to cut the string to the last x digit

LoadRunner – How to cut the string to the last x digits

In LoadRunner, getting the first n characters is an easy task by just using strncpy(). But what about when you want to get the number of character from the last (right side). So, there is no direct C or LoadRunner function which you can use to cut the string to the last x digits. For…
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LoadRunner - Error Troubleshooting

LoadRunner Error Troubleshooting

When you get an error in LoadRunner while replaying or executing the script then an error code and an error message appeared in the log. This error code and error message describe the issue which you need to debug. But, sometimes it is difficult to understand the actual meaning of error message which leads to…
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LoadRunner TruClient Protocol Training

Training Details: Demo 1: 7 Dec 2021 Demo 2: 8 Dec 2021 Regular Session: 9 Dec 2021 Time: 9 PM (IST) / 3:30 PM (BST) Course Content: Introduction Script Recording and Replay Run time Settings Inserting Transactions to capture response times Parameterization Truclient Custom Scripting Event Handlers Object Identification Techniques True client inbuilt Functions Flow…
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How to determine loadrunner protocol supports Run VUser as a process

Which LoadRunner protocol supports “Run Vuser as a process”?

Problem: How to identify which protocol of LoadRunner supports “Run Vuser as a process” and which protocol supports multi-threading or “Run Vuser as a thread”? Solution: Although you have understood the difference between “Run Vuser as a thread” and “Run Vuser as a process” in the previous post, now the next question comes in mind that how…
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LoadRunner HTML Mode vs URL Mode

HTML mode Vs URL mode

HTML mode vs URL mode of LoadRunner. Compare the Web HTTP/HTML recording mode on various factors. Each mode has its own features and advantages.

LoadRunner - VuGen Script Replay

LoadRunner – VuGen Script Replay

How to replay LoadRunner Scrip?