LoadRunner TruClient Protocol Training

Training Details: Demo 1: 7 Dec 2021 Demo 2: 8 Dec 2021 Regular Session: 9 Dec 2021 Time: 9 PM (IST) / 3:30 PM (BST) Course Content: Introduction Script Recording and Replay Run time Settings Inserting Transactions to capture response times Parameterization Truclient Custom Scripting Event Handlers Object Identification Techniques True client inbuilt Functions Flow … Read more

Which LoadRunner protocol supports “Run Vuser as a process”?

How to determine loadrunner protocol supports Run VUser as a process

Problem: How to identify which protocol of LoadRunner supports “Run Vuser as a process” and which protocol supports multi-threading or “Run Vuser as a thread”? Solution: Although you have understood the difference between “Run Vuser as a thread” and “Run Vuser as a process” in the previous post, now the next question comes in mind that how … Read more