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LoadRunner - Error Troubleshooting

LoadRunner Error Troubleshooting

When you get an error in LoadRunner while replaying or executing the script then an error code and an error…
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How to determine loadrunner protocol supports Run VUser as a process

Which LoadRunner protocol supports “Run Vuser as a process”?

Problem: How to identify which protocol of LoadRunner supports “Run Vuser as a process” and which protocol supports multi-threading or…
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LoadRunner HTML Mode vs URL Mode

HTML mode Vs URL mode

HTML mode vs URL mode of LoadRunner. Compare the Web HTTP/HTML recording mode on various factors. Each mode has its own features and advantages.

LoadRunner - VuGen Script Replay

LoadRunner – VuGen Script Replay

How to replay LoadRunner Scrip?

LoadRunner - Comment

LoadRunner – Comment

LoadRunner – Comment


LoadRunner – Runtime Setting – Data Format Extension – Advanced

The ‘Advanced’ option under ‘Data Format Extension’ tab in LoadRunner Runtime Settings helps to set-up the default or custom JRE…
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