JMeter – Precise Throughput Timer

JMeter Precise Throughput Timer is a goal-oriented element that helps to achieve the desired throughput (Total Number of Requests per unit of time). This timer maintains the throughput throughout the test and achieves the target. Of course, if the server is unable to handle such a load, the throughput will be lower. Throughput may decrease … Read more

JMeter – Uniform Random Timer

As the name suggested, the JMeter Uniform Random Timer is used to generate and add the random delay in a uniform manner before the execution of a sampler. This timer is based on a random function and generates a random amount of time (delay), with each time interval having the same probability of occurring. Hence it is … Read more

Dynamic Pacing in JMeter using JSR223

Dynamic Pacing in JMeter using JSR223 Timer

Apache JMeter is a well-designed tool for load generation. It is a freeware tool decorated with almost all the basic and advanced features of a licensed performance testing tool. But certain features are still unavailable like dynamic pacing. Refer to the article if you want to understand Pacing in detail Currently, we use either Timers … Read more

Performance Testing Certification

Performance Testing Certification

Performance Testing Certification gives an official stamp to your CV. This is the first impression for any interviewer to shortlist you among the crowd. Below is the list of performance testing certifications and the tools some official organisation offers. Organization: ISTQB Certificate Name: Certified Tester Performance Testing (CT-PT) Pre-requisite: Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) Certified … Read more

JMeter Integration with AppDynamics

JMeter Integration with AppDynamics

JMeter integration with AppDymanics provides a complete solution for the Performance Testing and Monitoring of the server resources. The benefits of JMeter and AppDynamics integration include the mapping between JMeter requests and AppDynamics Business Transactions. However, JMeter simulates end-user activity by launching a thread group and executing an HTTP request. AppDynamics fetches the name of … Read more

Apache JMeter – digest Function

digest is an in-build function of Apache JMeter and its type is ‘Calculation’. The digest function generates the encrypted value in the specific hash algorithm with the optional salt and upper case. By the way, JMeter in-build functions are divided into eight categories which are: Syntax: ${__digest()} Type: Calculation Purpose: To generate the encrypted value … Read more