LoadRunner – Basic Terminologies

LoadRunner Terminologies

LoadRunner beginner must have the knowledge of the basic terminologies. These basic terms will help you to grab the core knowledge of LoadRunner as well as performance testing. You have to learn the given definition because you will use them throughout your life. Learning of LoadRunner without understanding the basic term is slightly difficult. So, … Read more

Importance of Pacing & Think Time

Importance of Think Time and Pacing

Think Time and Pacing have significant importance in Performance Testing. They are very basic terms which are specially used while designing the workload in the workload modelling phase of PTLC (Performance Test Life Cycle). They are used to control the transaction rate during a load test but have significant differences. A new performance tester is … Read more

Performance Testing Terminologies

Without knowing the correct definition of performance testing terminologies, it is difficult to understand the basics. This article covers all the important terms which are majorly used in performance testing activities. Following are the terminologies and their definitions: Virtual User Performance Testing Tool generates the virtual users which simulate the real user’s activity. Actually, these … Read more