GC Time Ratio Value Calculator

GC time ratio Calculator

Parallel Garbage Collector or Throughput Collector has an argument to set the target application throughput. The argument is: -XX:GCTimeRatio=<N> To set the target throughput, you need to calculate the correct GC Time Ratio value and input in the file. The below calculator helps you to calculate the correct GC Time Ratio value (N) on the … Read more

First Contentful Paint

First Contentful Paint or FCP is one of the important metrics in UI Performance Testing. It provides the time when the browser renders the first bit of content like text, image, non-white canvas etc. It gives the first impression to the user that the page is actually loading. Behind the concept of FCP, there is another … Read more

LoadRunner Scripting Basics

LoadRunner Scripting Basic

LoadRunner is well-known for its simplicity, ease of doing scripting, execution and result analysis. In the LoadRunner Basic Steps post, you got a high-level idea about all the basic steps which we follow in the performance testing using LoadRunner. To get more details on each step you have to go through all the topics of … Read more