Performance Testing Certification

Performance Testing Certification

Performance Testing Certification gives an official stamp to your CV. This is the first impression for any interviewer to shortlist you among the crowd. Below is the list of performance testing certifications and the tools some official organisation offers. Organization: ISTQB Certificate Name: Certified Tester Performance Testing (CT-PT) Pre-requisite: Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) Certified … Read more

LoadRunner Integration with AppDynamics

LoadRunner integration with AppDymanics provides a complete solution for the Performance Testing and Monitoring of the server resources. The benefits of LoadRunner and AppDynamics integration include the mapping between LoadRunner User Transactions and AppDynamics Business Transactions. However, LoadRunner simulates end-user activity by virtually generating the user, simulating the browser and executing an HTTP request. AppDynamics … Read more

LoadRunner – Overlay, Correlate & Tile Graphs

LoadRunner - Graph Analysis - Overlay Correlate and Tile

I always consider Test Analysis as the most important and technical part in performance testing rather than scripting and execution. Performance test result analysis requires your actual expertise. During the analysis phase, you can determine bottleneck and remediation options at an appropriate level – business, middleware, application, infrastructure, network etc. The LoadRunner Analysis tool is … Read more

LoadRunner – Error Graph

LoadRunner - Error Graph

Purpose:  In LoadRunner, the error graph helps a performance tester to understand what the error came during the performance test. The error graph gives a detailed picture of what and when errors come. This graph is very much useful when you merge with other graphs like average response time, throughput, latency or even with the running vusers graph. … Read more

LoadRunner – Transactions per second (TPS) Graph

LoadRunner - Transaction per second Graph

What is ‘Transactions per second’? There is a major difference in Transactions per second and Hits per second. A single transaction can create multiple hits on the server. A transaction is nothing but a group of requests in web test terminology. A transaction can have multiple requests and encapsulate requests into a group e.g. a … Read more

LoadRunner – Hits per second Graph

LoadRunner - Hits per second

What is ‘Hits per second’ graph in LoadRunner? ‘Hits per second’ refers to the number of HTTP requests sent by the user(s) to the Web server in a second. In terms of performance testing, there is a major difference in Transactions per second and Hits per second. A single transaction can create multiple hits on … Read more