LoadRunner Training

LoadRunner Scripting Basic

Training Details: Training Agenda: By end of the course, you will learn to develop a workable strategy for load testing of an enterprise system and be ready to handle any performance testing project using the LoadRunner tool Even if you are using any other performance testing tool, this course will provide you with core guidelines … Read more

LoadRunner – Overlay, Correlate & Tile Graphs

LoadRunner - Graph Analysis - Overlay Correlate and Tile

I always consider Test Analysis as most important and technical part in performance testing rather than scripting and execution. Performance test result analysis requires your actual expertise. During the analysis phase, you can determine bottleneck and remediation options at an appropriate level – business, middleware, application, infrastructure, network etc. LoadRunner Analysis tool is really helpful … Read more

LoadRunner – Error Graph

LoadRunner - Error Graph

Purpose:  In LoadRunner, the error graph helps a performance tester to understand what are the error came during the performance test. Error graph gives a detailed picture of what and when errors come. This graph is very much useful when you merge with other graphs like average response time, throughput, latency or even with the running vusers graph. … Read more

LoadRunner – Transactions per second (TPS) Graph

LoadRunner - Transaction per second Graph

What is ‘Transactions per second’? There is a major difference in Transactions per second and Hits per second. A single transaction can create multiple hits on the server. A transaction is nothing but a group of requests in web test terminology. A transaction can have multiple requests and encapsulates requests into a group e.g. a … Read more

LoadRunner – Other Response Time Graphs

LoadRunner - Other Transaction Response Time Graph

In the last article i.e. LoadRunner – Average Transaction Response Time, you got detailed information about transaction response time graph and how to merge it with other important graphs. Apart from the average transaction response time graph, there are some more graphs which are related to response time and shows the result in a different … Read more