Virtual User Calculator

Virtual User Calculator

Through the calculator, calculate the Number of Virtual User (in LoadRunner terms) by providing the required inputs. This calculator also helps to estimate the number of threads for any JMeter test. Note: Bookmark this page for quick access. Example: Requirement: A company wants to test its e-commerce website. Every hour, the company gets 1200 orders … Read more

UI Performance Testing Tools

UI Performance Testing Tools

Now a day, it is straightforward to check the response time of any website from different geographical locations. For a company, it’s important to determine the website’s or system’s performance on a regular basis. The better performance of the website of any organization increases the ranking in the search engines like Google and faster pages … Read more

LoadRunner – Throughput Graph

Purpose: The primary purpose of reading throughput graph is to identify network bandwidth issues. A simple thumb rule to detect network bandwidth issues is: If the throughput scales upward as time progresses and the number of Vusers increase, this indicates that the bandwidth is sufficient. If the graph were to remain relatively flat as the … Read more

LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Streaming

LoadRunner Runtime Settings - Streaming

‘Streaming’ in LoadRunner helps to modify the video streaming setting under runtime settings. It has only 3 setting options: 1. Streaming method This setting specifies the method to determine the video content time and offset. It has two input options: 2. Timeout 3. Logging: You can collect the video streaming related information in VuGen replay … Read more

LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Miscellaneous

LoadRunner Runtime Settings - Miscellaneous

The ‘Miscellaneous’ tab under Runtime Settings of LoadRunner helps to configure the settings related to Error Handling:┬áThis setting handles the errors during a performance test or while replaying the script. The Error Handling section has three more options: 1. Continue on error: This is a checkbox. If you checkmark this option then Vusers will be continuing … Read more