Authentication Protocols

Authentication Protocol or Authentication Method is one of the hidden and unattended topics. Most of us have faced scripting challenges mostly in correlating the dynamic values. If the correlated script is passed in one go then we just proceed ahead without thinking about the type of authentication, but in case we stuck then it is … Read more

Software Testing Improving Electrical Hardware Designs

When we think of performance testing and calculations, it is typically with regard to the performance of a given web application or software. We use performance testing processes to “validate the performance of an application under load”, and thereby determine what if any changes need to be made to optimise that performance and improve results. It’s an … Read more

UI Performance Testing Tools

Now a day, it is straightforward to check the response time of any website from different geographical locations. For a company, it’s important to determine their website’s or system’s performance on a regular basis. The better performance of the website of any organization increases the ranking in the search engines like Google and faster pages … Read more

Gatling Training

Topic: Performance Testing with Gatling – Basic to Advanced Gatling Scala framework, Use Cases & Realtime Project Application Scripting Training What will I Learn by the end of this course? You will be having a good understanding of Gatling and will be able to record execution and report performance tests with Gatling. Training Details: Course … Read more

Free Webinar – Thread Dump Analysis

Trainer: RadhaKrishna Prasad Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  RadhaKrishna Prasad; a well-known name in the Performance Engineering world and PerfMatrix, brought you a series of FREE Webinars on some most demanding Performance Engineering topics. We conducted a poll a few weeks back by mentioning a list of Performance Engineering topics and asked about your interest. As per … Read more