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Apache JMeter Certification By BlazeMeter

Free Preparation & Knowledge sharing on JMeter Intro Certification – By Vallabh Kumar

Blazemeter university has lined-up some JMeter courses to enhance your JMeter knowledge along with the certification exam. These are free certification exams. Starting with the Introduction part, Vallabh Kumar will brief you how to prepare for JMeter Intro Certification exam and share the knowledge on Apache JMeter tool. Session Details: Date: 31st May 2020 Time:…
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Insights on Cloud based Performance Testing Tool 1

Insights on Cloud-Based Performance Testing

Insights on Cloud Based Performance Testing

WebPageTest Report

Google WebPageTest API – A Practical Example

In my previous article, I have shared a simple way to capture the custom client-side performance metrics using Selenium + Javascript Navigation API. In this article, I have shared the details on the key capabilities & instructions on setting up NodeJS wrapper for Webpage Test API and executing a scripted test. WebPageTest API This is…
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How to get help from JMeter Support Forum

JMeter Official Support Forum

Many times, while working with JMeter, we cling in certain situation or scenario where we need someone’s help to solve the issue. The worst part of the situation is we search over the internet or post the query in some forum but do not get the appropriate answer. As of last resort, we want to…
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LoadRunner – Throughput Graph

Purpose: The primary purpose of reading throughput graph is to identify network bandwidth issue. A simple thumb rule to detect network bandwidth issue is: If the throughput scales upward as time progresses and the number of Vusers increase, this indicates that the bandwidth is sufficient. If the graph were to remain relatively flat as the…
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LoadRunner - Runtime Settings - Preferences - Logging

LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Preferences – Logging

LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Preferences – Logging