Step-by-step Approach for JMeter Distributed Testing

JMeter - Distributed Testing (Master- Slave)

Written By: Swetha Pujari A single JMeter client/system running on a 2–3 GHz CPU can handle up to 1000 threads or virtual users, depending on the test’s type and duration. However, in real-time, due to constraints on the CPU, memory, and network(socket related), a single test machine may sustain load anywhere between 500 to 700 … Read more

JMeter – Multiple Scripts Scenario

How to do I create a scenario with multiple scripts in Apache JMeter as we do in LoadRunner Controller? Apache JMeter is a single component tool which has element based scripting feature. Unlike LoadRunner, JMeter does not have separate tools for scripting, scenario creation, test execution and result analysis. Although different elements are used to … Read more