JMeter – Docker Test Executions

Written By: Swetha Pujari Introduction JMeter tests can be done on GUI and non-GUI in a headless front, both of which are easy to set up for JMeter enthusiasts. However, there are instances where developers/remote stakeholders/shared testing teams have to execute the Performance tests on different machines. Even when the testing team does not have … Read more

JMeter Distributed Testing Alternative

Written By: Swetha Pujari Due to the company’s network/firewall policy, sometimes setting up the connectivity between master and slaves in JMeter’s Distributed Testing has obstacles or delays due to firewall requests. As an interim solution, we can use Parallel Testing to execute higher loads by dividing the load across multiple machines. This is a good … Read more

Interview Tips for Performance Test Engineers

Written By: Swetha Pujari This post provides interview tips for performance test engineers to understand the way to answer or describe the concept of performance engineering and testing during the interview. Interesting answers to some of the template questions in tech interviews. First Segment Let’s start with the most expected question of all time. Introduce yourself … Read more

Step-by-step Approach for JMeter Distributed Testing

JMeter - Distributed Testing (Master- Slave)

Written By: Swetha Pujari A single JMeter client/system running on a 2–3 GHz CPU can handle up to 1000 threads or virtual users, depending on the test’s type and duration. However, in real-time, due to constraints on the CPU, memory, and network(socket related), a single test machine may sustain load anywhere between 500 to 700 … Read more