“Performance Testing with JMeter – Basics to Advanced Level with BeanShell (& JSR223) Use Cases & Realtime Project Application Scripting” Video Course – by V.K. on SALE

V. K. presents a series of Apache JMeter Video Course which will enhance your knowledge from the basic level to advanced level along with BeanShell (& JSR223) Scripting and real-time use cases & examples. This is 70+ Hours (42 Days, 1.5 hours each day) of “Performance Testing with JMeter v5.4.1 – Basics to Advanced Level … Read more

What’s new in Apache JMeter 5.3

What’s New Apache JMeter 5.3 Following are the important changes in Apache JMeter 5.3 Skin Color (or Theme): Some more options are added in the theme. Now you can apply the theme without a Restart. New Themes: Light: IntellJ Solarized Light HighContrast Light Dark: OneDark Solarized Dark HighContrast Dark Add Elements option in the “Edit” … Read more

How to change JMeter HTML Report’s Response Time values in Seconds?

Time Format in Seconds JMeter Dashboard Report

By default, JMeter HTML Dashboard Report represents the time in millisecond. For a web service test report, it is good to show the response time in milliseconds because their response time is less. Apart from this a web application usually has response time greater than one second, so to represent the figures in thousand (i.e. … Read more

Customise Request Summary Legends

Customise Request Summary in JMeter Dashboard Report

In general, the “Request Summary” of JMeter HTML Report has a Pie Chart with “OK” and “KO” legends. These two legends show the pass and fail percentage of the total request executed during the test. OK stands for Success and KO stands for Failure But, there is no such valid meaning of KO here. And … Read more

Automate JMeter Script Backup

Automate JMeter Script Backup

JMeter has an automated process to take the backup of each Test Plan or Script that you create. This is a good feature for a performance tester to save his work from any unexpected loss. This backup is available into the “backups” folder of JMeter directory. By the way, you do not need to set … Read more