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JMeter – Passing Variable Value to another Thread Group

Under a Test Plan, you can add multiple Thread Groups. But these Thread Groups are independent of each other. The…
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Regular Expression (RegEx) – Easy to learn

Regular Expression (RegEx) is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Each character in a regular expression is understood to be a…
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How does JMeter simulate a real browser?

Just to have a knowledge of how to record the script for an application and execute the test; should not…
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JMeter – Multiple Scripts Scenario

How to do I create a scenario with multiple scripts in Apache JMeter as we do in LoadRunner Controller? Apache…
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JMeter – How to save a variable to a file?

Sometimes you need to save the value of a variable to a text or CSV file. Such a scenario especially…
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JMeter - Time Function

JMeter – Timestamp

Timestamp Function