Performance Testing – Important Acronyms/Extensions

List of some frequently used and important acronyms and extensions in the Performance Testing world. Important Acronyms in Performance Testing: Acronyms Full-Form API  Application Programming Interface AUT  Application Under Test CLI  Command Line Interface CR  Change Request DFD  Data Flow Diagram DNS  Domain Name Server EPT Early Performance Testing GUI  Graphical User Interface HLD  High-Level … Read more

How to make a Performance Test more realistic?

Performance Testing of any application or system has two primary objectives: To find out the capacity of the system at the desired load To find out the performance bottleneck which restricts the system to achieve the expected load. On the basis of these two main goals, performance testing tools are designed. One point to be … Read more

How to choose the right Performance Testing tool?

Right Performance Testing Tool

To choose the right performance testing tool is the first and foremost requirement in the planning phase. After understanding the application architecture and business requirements, you have to select the performance testing tool which meets the performance objectives. Since each tool has pros and cons so you can not say which is the best tool … Read more