Page Load Time

What is Page Load Time in Performance Testing? As per the definition of response time in the performance testing, ‘Response Time refers to the amount of time from the moment that a user sends a request until the time that the application indicates that the request has completed and reaches back to the user.’ But, … Read more

Time to Interactive

‘Time to Interactive’ is a very common but non-standardized UI metric that represents the time when a website is ready for user interaction. Here, ‘user interaction’ means when a user can provide an input in form of a click, select an option, insert a text etc. To make the definition more simply, let’s try to … Read more

First Contentful Paint

First Contentful Paint or FCP is one of the important metrics in UI Performance Testing. It provides the time when the browser renders the first bit of content like text, image, non-white canvas etc. It gives the first impression to the user that the page is actually loading. Behind the concept of FCP, there is another … Read more