IBM DB2 Performance Counters

Introduction DB2 is an IBM database software product that is designed to manage both relational and non-relational data. It is the most popular relational database management system (RDBMS) for large-scale corporate data warehouses. DB2 is used to store, manage, and analyze data from multiple sources, including databases, big data, and cloud sources. DB2 has many … Read more

Oracle DB Performance Counters

Introduction Oracle Database (OracleDB) is an object-relational database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. It is a multi-model database, meaning it can support multiple data models, including the object-relational model and the object-oriented model. OracleDB is the world’s most popular enterprise database, used by many of the world’s largest organizations in various industries. … Read more

Performance Engineering Interview Questions #1

Following are the Performance Engineering Interview Questions Set #1. Q. 1 What is Software Performance Engineering? Ans: Performance Engineering is a systematic way of following the best practices and applying techniques in all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) to ensure that the final product is fast, responsive, scalable and optimized appropriately. Read … Read more

What are the factors that affect application/system performance?

Ohhhh… Again a lazy Monday! Not sure what does impact my performance on each Monday morning? Lazy morning, office work, surrounding weather all hit me simultaneously. Oops, what I am discussing here. I should talk about performance testing related stuff instead of my boring Monday… Ok, so today I will share a good article which … Read more

Do APM Tools Make You A Better Performance Engineer?

Do APM Tools Make You A Better Performance Engineer

Are APM Tools spoiling the current generation of Performance Engineers? I see a major generation gap when I talk to engineers who have been in the field for under 5-6 years. They describe their primary performance engineering skillset as an APM tool. They mostly haven’t even heard of Brendan Gregg or fundamental tracing methods. The … Read more