How to start/stop Weblogic Server?

As a performance tester, you must have a basic knowledge of servers and services like how to start/stop the Oracle WebLogic Server. This article will help you to get a step-by-step understanding of the process. How to stop the Weblogic Server? Step 1: Browse the Oracle Weblogic Server Console. It would be best to have … Read more

Parallel Garbage Collector (GC)

The Parallel Garbage Collector (GC) or Throughput Collector is the default garbage collector used by JVM. The parallel garbage collector works the same as the serial garbage collector. The only difference between serial and parallel garbage collectors is that serial garbage collector uses a single thread for the garbage collection process while parallel garbage collector uses multiple threads for … Read more

Serial Garbage Collector (GC)

The Serial Garbage Collector (GC) is the simplest and oldest garbage collector in Java. It derives its name from performing all its work on a single thread. Main Operation Single thread to perform Garbage Collection (GC) How does Serial GC work? Used For: Advantage: Disadvantage: Implementation: -XX: +UseSerialGC Tuning serial GC: Conclusion A straightforward and … Read more

Garbage Collection Quick Guide

Garbage Collection Quick Guide

Present you the Garbage Collection Quick Guide: Garbage Collection Basics: Garbage Collection Activities: Performance Metrics targeted by GC algorithms Type of Garbage Collector: Comparison GC Throughput Latency Memory Footprint Serial Low High Low Parallel High Medium Medium CMS Medium Medium Medium G1 High Low Medium Z High Very Low High Shenandoah High Very Low High … Read more

Performance Bottlenecks Debugging

After getting the issues during the performance testing, we would require an approach for debugging the Performance Bottlenecks. Debugging a web application that crashes under high load necessitates a methodical approach to finding and fixing the underlying issues. Following are some well-defined steps for effectively debugging the performance issues. Performance Bottlenecks Debugging Approach Some Important … Read more