Performance Engineering – Free Webinar

RadhaKrishna Prasad; a well-known name in the Performance Engineering world and PerfMatrix, bring you a series of FREE Webinars on the below listed Performance Engineering topic. You can select the topic as per your interest and register for the training, we will inform you about the date and timings of the FREE Webinar. Video Playlist … Read more

What are the factors that affect application/system performance?

Ohhhh… Again a lazy Monday! Not sure what does impact my performance on each Monday morning? Lazy morning, office work, surrounding weather all hit me simultaneously. Oops, what I am discussing here. I should talk about performance testing related stuff instead of my boring Monday… Ok, so today I will share a good article which … Read more

Do APM Tools Make You A Better Performance Engineer?

Do APM Tools Make You A Better Performance Engineer

Are APM Tools spoiling the current generation of Performance Engineers? I see a major generation gap when I talk to engineers who have been in the field for under 5-6 years. They describe their primary performance engineering skillset as an APM tool. They mostly haven’t even heard of Brendan Gregg or fundamental tracing methods. The … Read more

Java Garbage Collection Session 1 – By RadhaKrishna Prasad

Garbage Collection Session - By RK

Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  Topics Covered: Following topics will be covered in the session What is Garbage Collection in Java? Difference between Manual Memory Management and Automated Memory Management Memory Pools in Heap – Eden, Survivor Spaces, Oldgen, Permgen and Metaspace How Minor GC, Major GC and Full GC happens in JVM GC Algorithms – … Read more

Advanced Performance Engineering Training with Real Hands-On

Performance Engineering Session 02

Trainer: RadhaKrishna Prasad Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  Training Agenda: This advanced performance engineering training is for every performance tester who is basically a beginner/experienced and wants to transform their career into core performance engineering. This training objective is to make every performance tester understand what exactly will happen in real time when we work with … Read more