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fastThread – Thread Dump Analyzer

Introduction: fastThread is a fine thread dump analyzer, having all the basic features required to analyse a simple as well as a complex thread dump. It is an online open-source tool and can be accessed via URL. Basically, fastThread comes under analysis tool category and majorly used for performance engineering to find out the exact root cause…
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How to conduct Thread Dump Analysis

Thread Dump Analysis

There are several thread dump analysis tools are available to carry out the investigation on Threads and find out the root cause of the issue. Out of those, I found 2 thread dump analysers which are really good. Thread Dump Analysis Tools: fastThread: This is an online thread dump analyzer. It has a simple and easy dashboard…
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Thread Dump - How to Read Thread Dump

How to read Thread Dump?

In the previous post, you have seen how to generate Thread Dump on the different operating systems. After generating the Thread dump, the next question comes which is “How to read Thread Dump?”. Thread dump provides some generic information in the first part and the later part has the detail of Thread which is used…
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Thread Dump - Life Cycle of Thread

Life Cycle of Thread

To analyse the Thread Dump it is necessary to know about the different states of the thread. These states are also called as “life cycle of the thread”. There are total 6 major states of the thread which are: New Runnable Blocked Waiting Timed Waiting Terminated 1. New:  This is the initial state of the…
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What is Thread Dump

Thread Dump – Overview

Dumping is a well-known term in the performance testing, whether it is heap dump or thread dump both are very useful to carry out the root cause analysis. We have already discussed Heap Dump and its analysis in the previous post. Now, let’s move further and try to understand what is the thread dump and how it…
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