NeoLoad – Populations

After the completion of script recording and enhancement (i.e. correlation, parameterisation etc.), the next step is to define Populations under the Design section of the NeoLoad tool. Actually, a population is a group of Virtual User types having the same or different set of business and network behaviour. NeoLoad tool is known for its simplicity … Read more

Virtual User Calculator

Virtual User Calculator

Through the calculator, calculate the Number of Virtual User (in LoadRunner terms) by providing the required inputs. This calculator also helps to estimate the number of threads for any JMeter test. Note: Bookmark this page for quick access. Example: Requirement: A company wants to test its e-commerce website. Every hour, the company gets 1200 orders … Read more

User Graph

Running Vuser Graph

A User Graph provides complete information about the load patterns during the test. This graph helps to identify: In the runtime viewer, User Graph provides information about the number of users currently accessing the application. When you run a step-up test or spike test, the User Graph shows a live load pattern which can be compared … Read more