JMeter – Listener

JMeter - Listener

As the name suggested, the Listener means somebody whose work is to listen or to keep the attention on what is going on. In JMeter, Listeners play an important role. These are the only components which have their specific purpose to monitor the request and response and then show the result in the text, tree, … Read more

JMeter – Post Processor

JMeter - Post Processor

The word ‘Post’ denotes ‘After In Time’ and ‘Processor’ denotes ‘Execution’, hence ‘Post Processor’ means something that is executed later. In JMeter, there are some elements which execute after the execution of the parent element. These elements help to fetch the data from the response or instruct JMeter to perform the next action depending on the response. Such JMeter … Read more

JMeter – Test Fragment

JMeter - Test Fragment

JMeter Test Fragment element helps to set up the module-based approach while creating the script of large flow. Let’s try to understand this with an example. Consider you have a transaction flow: You need to prepare a single JMeter script for the above-mentioned flow. You have 1 day and 3 team members and you need … Read more