JMeter – RegEx User Parameters

JMeter - RegEx User Parameters

I do not find any practical use of ‘RegEx User Parameters’ in JMeter. It is stated in the Apache JMeter guide that  RegEx User Parameter allows to specify the dynamic values for HTTP parameters extracted from another HTTP Request using regular expressions. RegEx User Parameters are specific to individual threads. If you extract the value from … Read more

JMeter – User Parameters

JMeter - User Parameters

This element is used to define the user (thread) specific parameters, although the CSV Data Set Config is an easy and flexible method for parameterization. In JMeter, ‘User Parameters’ preprocessor can be used when you have less number of test data which can be used in a repetitive manner and shared by all the thread. As I … Read more

JMeter – BeanShell Listener

JMeter - BeanShell Listener 01

In JMeter, BeanShell Listener is a scripting-based listener. It means that you will need to implement the listener logic by yourself using one of the supported scripting languages. Usually, it is helpful when you need to define logic based on your requirement and want to write some unique algorithm which is not currently provided by JMeter. You … Read more