JMeter – Listener

As the name suggested, the Listener means somebody whose work is to listen or to keep the attention on what is going on. In JMeter, Listeners play an important role. These are the only components which have their specific purpose to monitor the request and response and then show the result in the text, tree, graphical and tabular format. Basically, JMeter listener like ‘View Results Tree’ helps during script building as well. ‘View Results Tree’ listener helps to:

  1. Identify the dynamic values through the response data
  2. Validate the parameter correctness
  3. Validate the assertion
  4. Verify the flow when a condition is applied

Apart from the ‘View Results Tree’, the other listeners show result data and help to kick off the bottleneck finding. JMeter is not so good for conducting the performance test result analysis, still, you can either use these listeners or JMeter HTML report for analysing the test result. Here, I can confidently recommend JMeter HTML report than Listener.

JMeter - Listener
Figure 01: JMeter – Listener

Possible Parent element(s) of Listener:

You can add a Listener under the following elements:

  1. Test Plan
  2. Thread Group
  3. Test Fragment
  4. Sampler
  5. Logic Controller
  6. Non-Test Element

Possible Child Element(s):

  • NA

You can not add any element under a listener element. Hence it does not have any child element.

List of available Listener in JMeter:

  1. Aggregate Graph
  2. Aggregate Report
  3. Assertion Results
  4. Backend Listener
  5. BeanShell Listener
  6. Comparison Assertion Visualizer
  7. Generate Summary Results
  8. Graph Results
  9. JSR223 Listener
  10. Mailer Visualizer
  11. Response Time Graph
  12. Save Responses to a file
  13. Simple Data Writer
  14. Summary Report
  15. View Results in Table
  16. View Results Tree

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