JMeter – tearDown Thread Group

JMeter - tearDown Thread Group Logo

tearDown Thread Group is a special type of JMeter Thread Group that can be utilized to perform Post-Test actions. The behaviour of tearDown Thread Group is as same as normal Thread Group element. The only difference is that tearDown Thread Group executes after the completion of normal Thread Group execution. Similarly, setUp Thread Group helps to perform Pre-Test activities. Important Note: By … Read more

JMeter – Capture Dynamic Value present in Redirected Request

JMeter - Correlation - Dynamic value in Redirected Request

In the correlation article of JMeter, you got the detailed knowledge on: What is Correlation? Why correlation is required? How to capture dynamic values? The purpose of this article is to elaborate on the process of finding out the dynamic value when it is present in the redirected request. Steps to identify the dynamic value … Read more

How to handle dynamic value (correlation) in JMeter?

JMeter - How to do correlation in JMeter

‘Correlation’ term refers to the handling of dynamic values coming from the server. These dynamic values are the unique values which are generated by the server for security purpose like the session ID, authorization token etc. In some cases, dynamic values also refer to the web content like values in a drop-down list, calendar date, … Read more

How to record JMeter script?

JMeter - How to record JMeter script

Watch YouTube Video: JMeter Script Recording & Best Practices Apache JMeter is a Java-based tool which records the communication between client i.e. end-user and server and converts this communication into a test script. This test script is used to generate the load on the server. To record the communication through JMeter and convert it into … Read more