Performance Test Workload Modelling

Performance Testing Workload Modelling

What is Workload? Performance Test Workload refers to the distribution of load across the identified scenario. Performance tester prepares a workload to simulate the real-world situation in the performance test environment. In performance testing cycle, different workloads are created to study the behaviour of the system under various loads and conditions.┬áSometimes the workload is also … Read more

Performance Test Scripting

Performance Testing Script

What is a Performance Test Script? Performance Test Script is a programming code specific to performance testing to automate the real-world user behaviour. This code contains the user actions performed by a real user on an application. Such scripts are developed with the help of performance testing tools like LoadRunner, JMeter, and NeoLoad etc. Purpose of … Read more

Performance Test Planning

Performance Testing Plan

What is Performance Test Planning? Performance Test Planning is a process to define a road-map for conducting successful performance testing. This is one of the important phases of the Performance Test Life Cycle where a performance tester prepares an approach to test a system or an application. Such an approach is based on the outcome … Read more

Non-Functional Requirement Gathering

Non Functional Requirement

What are the Non-Functional Requirements? Non-functional requirements are the testing goals which are created especially for performance testing, security testing, usability testing, etc. It is a combined requirement for all types of non-functional test. Since PerfMatrix is a core performance testing site, so non-functional word will be specific to Performance Testing only. Some simple examples … Read more

Performance Testing Risk Assessment

Performance Testing Risk Assessment

What is Performance Testing Risk Assessment? The life cycle of Performance Testing starts with Risk Assessment. Risk Assessment determines the neediness of performance testing for each individual component in a software system. Hence Risk score or matrix is calculated for all the components integrated into a system. This risk score helps to determine the criticality … Read more

Performance Testing Life Cycle

Performance Testing Life Cycle

What is Performance Testing Life Cycle (PTLC)? Performance Testing Life Cycle is a systematic process to carry out the non-functional testing of a software system or application. Mostly all the software industries follow this process to plan the performance testing activities and find out the performance bottleneck in the software system. What is the need … Read more