Performance Testing Risk Assessment Document

Performance Testing Risk Assessment Document Template

Purpose of Risk Assessment Document: Performance Testing Risk assessment document helps to understand the impact of changes on the existing functionality or a new system. The impact of changes is analysed from a performance testing perspective and noted down in the risk assessment document. This document describes in-scope and out-of-scope components for performance testing. When … Read more

Performance Testing Risk Assessment

Performance Testing Risk Assessment

What is Performance Testing Risk Assessment? The life cycle of Performance Testing starts with Risk Assessment. Risk Assessment determines the neediness of performance testing for each component in a software system. Hence Risk score or matrix is calculated for all the components integrated into a system. This risk score helps to determine the criticality of … Read more

Risks Addressed By Performance Test

Risk Addressed by Performance Test

Performance testing is a broad and complex activity that can take many forms, address many risks, and provide an organisation with a wide range of value. It is essential to understand the different performance test types to reduce risks, minimize cost, and know when to apply the appropriate test during a given performance-testing project. To … Read more