LoadRunner – Scenario Preparation

LoadRunner - Scenario Preparation

‘Scenario Preparation’ is one of the important steps in LoadRunner and it comes after the completion of test scripts. When the test scripts work properly on the local machine then you can upload them in Controller (Loadrunner Professional) or LoadRunner Enterprise and start creating the scenario as per the requirement. Scenario designing or preparation is … Read more

Steps to Design Workload Model in Performance Testing

Workload Modelling in Performance Testing

The last post (Performance Test Workload Modelling) described the basics of Workload Modelling and the activities performed during this phase. Sometimes this phase is also known as the Performance Test Scenario creation phase. Let’s try to understand this phase with some practical examples. This post will describe the steps to design the workload model in … Read more

Performance Test Workload Modelling

Performance Testing Workload Modelling

What is Workload? Performance Test Workload refers to the distribution of load across the identified scenario. The performance tester prepares a workload to simulate the real-world situation in the performance test environment. In the performance testing cycle, different workloads are created to study the behaviour of the system under various loads and conditions. Sometimes the workload … Read more