LoadRunner Tips & Tricks

Here, you will find some simple and ultimate tips and tricks of Micro Focus LoadRunner. These tips and tricks will help you to get the easiest solutions to complex scripting scenarios. Some of the tips also cover the solution of common LoadRunner scripting issues along with examples and screenshots. The given examples and screenshots make the lesson easy and help to grab quick knowledge.

Some of the tips and tricks are related to the specific Micro Focus LoadRunner version, so check the compatibility before applying the solutions.

LoadRunner Scripting Tips:

  1. HTML mode Vs URL mode
  2. LoadRunner Variables
  3. Important LoadRunner Utility Functions
  4. Parameter Settings Cheat Sheet
  5. Automate Parameterization
  6. Methods to Generate Random Number
  7. Random Date Generation
  8. Random Value from Correlation Parameter
  9. Select last value from the correction parameter list
  10. How to Export/Import Runtime Settings?
  11. File Downloading Scenario
  12. Run Vuser as a Process Vs Run Vuser as a Thread
  13. How to identify which LoadRunner protocol supports “Run Vuser as a process”?
  14. Types of LoadRunner Logs

LoadRunner Result Analysis Tips:

  1. Key Rules to Read Throughput Graph
  2. Calculate Active VUser Count at a particular time
  3. Server XXX has shut down the connection prematurely
  4. memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received

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