Which LoadRunner protocol supports “Run Vuser as a process”?


How to identify which protocol of LoadRunner supports “Run Vuser as a process” and which protocol supports multi-threading or “Run Vuser as a thread”?


Although you have understood the difference between¬†“Run Vuser as a thread” and “Run Vuser as a process”¬†in the previous post, now the next question comes to mind how to identify which protocol of LoadRunner supports the multithreading and which does not? Here is the solution. You can follow the below steps and easily identify the protocol that does not support the multithreading feature and executes only in “Run Vuser as a Process” mode.

Note: This is a tip to identify the supportive mode of execution for LoadRunner protocols. There are some exceptional protocols too which do not follow the below rule.

  1. Go to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\HPE\LoadRunner\dat\protocols
    The highlighted folder path could be different in your system
  2. You can see the list of protocol files (.lrp). Choose the respective protocol file e.g. TUXEDO.lrp
  3. Open the .lrp file in Notepad (or Notepad++)
  4. Search for “EnableThreads”
  5. If the value is 1 then you can run the respective protocol script in “Run Vuser as a thread” mode. If it is 0 (zero) then you have to run the test of the respective protocol script using “Run Vuser as a process” mode.

Refer to the below screenshot, TUXEDO protocol has “EnableThreads=0” which means it does not support multithreading. Therefore Tuxedo protocol script needs to be run with “Run Vuser as a process”.

How to identify "Thread Run as a process"
Figure 01: TUXEDO.lrp File

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