Random Value from Correlation Parameter in LoadRunner


How to select a random value from the correlation parameter in the LoadRunner?


Sometimes there is a requirement to pass a random value from a list of dynamic values captured by a correlation function i.e. web_reg_save_param(). Let’s consider a web page has 10 items which could be different for all users. Now, you want to randomly choose 1 item that appears on the web page and place an order. What will be your approach?


  1. You will add a correlation function before the request whose response contains the names of items
  2. You will give “Ord=All” to capture all the names of all the items

Additional Information: When you give “Ord=All” then the correction parameter (c_itemName) acts as an array and captures all the values which satisfy the left and right boundaries. If you want to choose any specific value then you can append “_<number>” in the correlation parameter and pass it into the subsequent request. <number> denotes the place of the item appeared on the webpage.
For example, if you need to pick 2nd value then the correlation parameter will be “c_itemName_2”.


To pick the random value from the correlation parameter, you have to use the following statement:



lr_paramarr_random: This function returns a random value from the parameter array. The return value will be a ‘String’. In the above example, a random value (string) will be picked from the “c_itemName” array.

lr_save_string: This function is used to save a string into a parameter. In the above example, the random value (string) extracted by lr_paramarr_random will be saved in “randParam”.

Now, you can use “randParam” as a parameter in the script which will pass a random value extracted from the list of captured dynamic values.

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