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LoadRunner Protocols List

LoadRunner Protocol List

What is Protocol in LoadRunner? Depending on the technology, type of application and topology, LoadRunner sets-up a communication between Vuser and Server. The request sent by the Vuser should be understood by the server so that it can send a proper and correct response to Vuser. Hence LoadRunner uses the protocol to make smooth and…
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LoadRunner – Basic Steps

LoadRunner Basic Steps

LoadRunner Terminologies

LoadRunner – Basic Terminologies

LoadRunner beginner must have the knowledge of the basic terminologies. These basic terms will help you to grab the core knowledge of LoadRunner as well as performance testing. You have to learn the given definition because you will use them throughout your life. Learning of LoadRunner without understanding the basic term is slightly difficult. So,…
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How to install LoadRunner Analysis Tool?

Follow the steps to install LoadRunner Analysis Tool on a local windows machine: Note: This guide shows the installation of LoadRunner (Analysis Tool) 2020. In case of any mismatch in the installation steps, refer to the official LoadRunner website. 1. Browse the link 2. Click ‘LoadRunner_2020_Edition_Standalone_Applications.exe’. 3. You may be navigated to the sign-up…
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How to install LoadRunner VuGen?

How to install LoadRunner VuGen component?

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LoadRunner – Introduction

“LoadRunner” the biggest name in the performance testing world. Loadrunner has a variety of protocol support which covers nearly all types of the software platform. It has a long history which could be worthless to discuss here but as a performance tester, you should know it. Therefore I described the past journey of LoadRunner in…
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