Total Blocking Time

Total blocking time defines as the sum of all the long tasks (=Long Task processing Time – 50ms) between First Contentful Paint and Time To Interactive period which blocks the main thread and prevents the user from interacting with the web page. What is Long Task? In the UI Performance Testing term, the main thread … Read more

Response Time Graph

Response Time Graph

Response time graph gives a clear picture of overall time including requesting a page, processing the data and getting the response back to the client. As per PTLC (Performance Test Life Cycle), the Response time NFRs should be discussed and agreed upon during the NFR gathering phase and then compared with the actual response time … Read more

Latency, Bandwidth, Throughput and Response Time

Latency, Throughput, Bandwidth and Response Time; somehow these terms are very confusing. A new performance tester faces difficulty to understand these terms without examples. This article will help to get the knowledge of Network Latency, Network Bandwidth, Data Throughput and Response Time. So, let’s start now, Look at the above figure (Figure 01). The illustration … Read more