PerfMon – Data Collector Set

How to add the user-defined Data Collector Set in PerfMon? Following are the steps to add the user-defined Data Collector Set in PerfMon: 1. Launch the PerfMon Tool on the Windows machine 2. Performance -> Data Collector Sets -> User Defined. Right-click on ‘User Defined’ 3. New -> Data Collector Set 4. A pop-up appears … Read more

PerfMon – Windows System Performance

PerfMon is an in-built performance monitoring tool for Windows System. It is a powerful, and often underutilized, tool. PerfMon provides a wide range of performance statistics and graphs for the Windows System. So, let’s start How to launch PerfMon? You will see: Important Graphs: Processor Graph: How to add Processor Graph and related counters? Memory … Read more

Level of Monitoring in Performance Testing

Level of Monitoring in Performance Testing

Performance testing includes server monitoring as a crucial component. It is necessary in the production environment as well as during performance testing. All the production servers must be monitored to practice more about the systems’ performance and availability for large and complex software architecture. Many businesses require a better and more exact understanding of what … Read more

Agent-based Vs Agent-less Monitoring Tool

Agent-Based vs Agent-Less Monitoring Tools

Before discussing the difference between agent-based and agent-less monitoring tools, let’s try to understand what is an agent. What is an agent? An agent is a proprietary software application installed on the server whose performance needs to be monitored. The agent resides at the server end and gathers the stats like CPU, Memory utilization etc. Then … Read more

Performance Monitoring Tool Books

Monitoring Tool Books

Books are the ocean of wisdom. To continue this thought, some of the best books related to Performance Monitoring and APM tools have been listed below. You can grab the knowledge from these books either by buying them or you can also read them as an e-book. Please note that “Read for Free” option is also available … Read more