“Performance Testing with JMeter – Basics to Advanced Level with BeanShell (& JSR223) Use Cases & Realtime Project Application Scripting” Video Course – by V.K. on SALE

V. K. presents a series of Apache JMeter Video Course which will enhance your knowledge from the basic level to advanced level along with BeanShell (& JSR223) Scripting and real-time use cases & examples.

This is 70+ Hours (42 Days, 1.5 hours each day) of “Performance Testing with JMeter v5.4.1 – Basics to Advanced Level with BeanShell (& JSR223) realtime Use Cases & Realtime Project Application Scripting” self-paced Video Course with Lifetime access & 3-4 realtime enterprise Application Scripting videos to understand realtime Correlation. Plus you will get EBooks, Class Notes, JMeter Scripts, Interview Questions, Resumes, Other Documents, etc. (all these materials will be shared in private) with Doubt Clearance & Help for the ‘Intro’ & ‘Pro’ JMeter Certification featured by BlazeMeter.


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Course Content Highlights:

  • Genuine Reviews/Feedbacks about this Course are given at bottom of this Page
  • JMeter Pro Certification
  • 3-4 Realtime Project Application Scripting Videos
  • JMeter with Its Best Practices for Recording, Scripting, Enhancement, Execution, HTML Report Generation, Test Suite Preparation, & Others
  • JMeter Introduction, History, Versions, Download, & Launching
  • Core Concepts of Performance Testing
  • HTTP Protocol in detail
  • Recording in JMeter in detail
  • JMeter Directory’s Files, Properties Files & Folders
  • JMeter Plugin Manager, Plugin Installation & Uninstallation by 2 Ways
  • JMeter & HTTP(s) Protocol (Web Applications) Testing
  • JMeter End to End Scripting by taking 2 real-time scenarios
  • Correlation & Parameterization
  • Regular Expression in detail
  • Regular Expression Extractor with its different Attributes
  • Dynamic Values Extraction in JMeter with Realtime Use Cases Examples
  • URL Encoding & Decoding
  • Test Data Preparation & use of CSV Data Set Config Element in detail
  • JMeter Heap Size Setting in detail
  • Test Execution & HTML Report Generation in Non-GUI & GUI mode
  • JMeter & Distributed Testing (Master & Slave)
  • JMeter & InfluxDB – Grafana Integration
  • Passing Arguments to a JMeter Test in Non-GUI
  • JMeter & Jenkins – a detailed Session
  • JMeter Test Suite Creation using 3 ways, Execution, & HTML Report Generation
  • JMeter Element’s Scoping & Execution Presidency Rule
  • 3rd Party Ways for Recording (cURL, Har, Fiddler, BlazeMeter Plugin, etc.) & Exporting to JMeter
  • JMeter’s Elements & Sub Elements with Plugin Elements (total around 60 Elements)
  • Windows Authentication or Browser Pop Up Handling
  • Big Billion Day or Black Friday or Rendezvous Scenario
  • JMeter & BeanShell (& JSR223) w.r.t. Java & with Realtime Use Cases Examples
  • Error Handling in JMeter
  • JMeter & HTTP(s) File Download & Upload Scenario
  • JMeter & FTP Server Testing (File Download & Upload)
  • JMeter & WebServices (REST & SOAP APIs) Testing
  • JMeter & Database Testing (DB Queries)
  • JMeter & PerfMon for Server Monitoring
  • JMeter & Selenium WebDriver Test Plan for Page Load Testing
  • JMeter Functions (around 40 functions)
  • JMeter & IP Spoofing (or Geolocation Testing)
  • JMeter & Network Speed Simulation to Test at Different Network Bandwidths (or Network Throttling)
  • JMeter & Execution in BlazeMeter Cloud
  • JMeter & Taurus Integration
  • JMeter Auto Correlation Plugin
  • JMeter from LoadRunner Perspective
  • JMeter Intro & Pro Certification by BlazeMeter
  • Use of Latest Version of JMeter
  • Many More

Daywise Topics:


  • Introduction to Software Development & Software Testing
  • Types of Software Testing
  • Functional Testing & Non-Functional Testing
  • Introduction to Performance Testing & JMeter
  • Manual, Automation, Performance & Security Testing
  • Tools Used in Functional & Non-Functional Testing
  • Terms used in Software Testing: – Defect, Bug, Bottlenecks, Vulnerabilities
  • Need for Performance Testing
  • Symptoms of Application Slowness
  • Examples of Loss occurred by many Brands due to poor Application performance
  • Performance Testing technical definition
  • 4 Objectives of Performance Testing
  • Purpose of Performance Testing
  • Need for Performance Testing Tools
  • Real Users & Virtual Users (or VUsers)
  • What Performance Testing Tools Do?
  • When Performance Testing can be Done?
  • Why to Learn JMeter?


  • JMeter Introduction, History, Versions, Protocols Supported & Its Features
  • Understanding JMeter is Not a Browser
  • How a Performance Testing Tool like JMeter Works?
  • Need of Java Installation for JMeter
  • Java (JDK & JRE) Installation & Java Environment/ System Variable (or Home Path) Setup
  • Commands to Verify JDK & JRE Installation
  • JMeter Download & Launching on Windows OS
  • JMeter 2 Launching Modes
  • Importance of Launching JMeter from CLI or Non-GUI
  • JMeter Application GUI/IDE Walkthrough
  • JMeter Toolbar Icons
  • Some other Points related to JMeter
  • JMeter Download & Launching on MAC OS
  • JMeter Download & Launching on Linux/ Unix/ Ubuntu OS


  • Core Concepts of Performance Testing: –
  • Servers & Its Types
  • Protocol & Its Examples
  • Performance Testing Life Cycle w.r.t. JMeter
  • Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Suite, Transactions, Recording, Enhancement, & Debugging
  • HTTP(s) Protocol: – Request, Response, Headers, Request Methods, & Response Codes
  • Browser Developer Tool (F12), HTTP/HTML Requests, Embedded Resources
  • Request & Response
  • Types of HTTP Request Methods & CRUD Operations: – GET, POST, PUT & DELETE


  • Transaction (or User Action)
  • Hits, Requests, Transactions, & Their Counts in Per Unit Time
  • Cache, Cookies, & User Session
  • Client Side & Server Side
  • Client-Server Application Architecture & Its Types (1-Tier, 2-Tier, 3-Tier & Multi-Tier)
  • Application Layers & Its Types (PL, BLL & DML)
  • Web Server, App Server & DB Server & Their Functionality


  • Thin Client & Thick (or Fat) Client Applications
  • 2-Tier and 3-Tier Difference
  • Why Application becomes Slow?
  • Importance of Knowing the Application Architecture in Performance Testing
  • Terminologies in JMeter with respect to Performance Testing
  • JMeter’s 12 Major Elements (Or Components)
  • Recording in JMeter, & Port & Proxy Server Setup
  • Understanding Transaction, Request, Response, Headers, Request Methods, Response Codes, Protocol, URL, Port, Path, etc. in JMeter
  • Different Views of Response in JMeter
  • Transaction Controller, Transactions & Respective Requests, & Their view in View Results Tree
  • Saving Recording Logs to a File & Use of Brushes
  • Irrelevant Requests & Embedded Resources & Why to Filter Them?


  • How to Filter Irrelevant Requests & Embedded Resources?
  • “Recording” Template of JMeter & Its Use
  • What to Keep & Not to Keep?
  • Port & Proxy Server Setup & Recording from Different Browsers
  • HTTP & HTTP(s)
  • JMeter Certificate Installation in Different Browsers, Certificate Regeneration, Domain Based Certificate Generation, & Process of Certificate Re-Installation
  • Use of Recording Controller in JMeter & Its uniqueness
  • Use of Transaction Controller in JMeter & Its uniqueness
  • JMeter 3rd Launching Mode, i.e. Proxy Mode
  • Property Display (Non-Test) Element
  • HTTP(s) Test Script Recorder Element, Its Attributes, & Its Best Practices Settings
  • Best Practices for Recording in JMeter
  • Set of Approaches when Recording is Not Happening in JMeter


  • Walk-through of JMeter’s Directory: – Various Files & Folders
  • JMeter’s Properties Files
  • Undo, Redo, & Backup Features in JMeter
  • Increasing View Results Tree’s Line Limitation
  • Increasing JMeter Certificate’s Expiry Time
  • JMeter’s Recorder Time Gap Setting
  • JMeter Plugin Manager, Plugin Installation & Uninstallation by 2 Ways
  • Scenarios Identification & Documentation for Performance Testing of a Web Application (HTTP(s) Protocol)


  • End to End Recording & Script Enhancement with Best Practices for above Scenarios (Product Booking)
  • Dynamic Values, Their Types, Importance & Functioning, & How & Why They Occur?
  • Authorization/ Authentication Tokens (or Values) Examples


  • JMeter Script Enhancement with Best Practices (continued)
  • Where Dynamic Values May Occur in the Script?
  • How to Identify Dynamic Values?
  • How & Why to Handle Dynamic Values?
  • Correlation & Parameterization
  • Use of Regular Expression Extractor
  • Use of Debug Sampler


  • JMeter Script Enhancement with Best Practices (continued)
  • Correlation & Parameterization (continued)
  • Extracting Value from Response Header
  • Use of Dummy Sampler


  • JMeter Script Enhancement with Best Practices (continued)
  • Adding Response Assertion with Best Practices
  • HTTP Cookie Manager
  • HTTP Cache Manager
  • HTTP Protocol is Stateless Protocol
  • How we make JMeter behave like a Real Browser? Ans: – 5 Settings


  • JMeter Script Enhancement with Best Practices (continued)
  • Test Data Preparation & Use of CSV Data Set Config Element
  • Making Script more Modular, Dynamic & Re-Usable
  • Correlation & Parameterization (continued)
  • Regular Expression Extractor’s Attribute: – Match No. & Default Value
  • Fixing Failed Assertions & Adding Response Assertions wherever left with Best Practices
  • __Random() function
  • __RandomDate() function


  • JMeter Script Enhancement with Best Practices (continued)
  • Think Time, Custom Think Time & Pacing in JMeter
  • Error Handling using Result Status Action Handler element in JMeter
  • Test Script Stabilization
  • Thread Group’s Attributes: – Users, RampUp, RampDown, Loop Count, Duration, Delay, etc.
  • Deleting Or Disabling All Listeners & Unnecessary Elements
  • Validate option
  • Start No Pauses option


  • End to End Recording & Script Enhancement with Best Practices of another Scenario (User Registration)
  • __Random() function
  • __RandomString() function


  • End to End Recording & Script Enhancement with Best Practices of another Scenario (User Registration) (continued)
  • Response Assertion & Its Attributes
  • Duration & Size Assertion
  • TimeStamp (or EpochTime) & Its Handling in JMeter
  • __time() function (https://www.perfmatrix.com/jmeter-timestamp/)
  • Regular Expression in JMeter
  • What is (.+?) & Why we Use It?


  • Regular Expression Extractor & Its Attributes
  • Dynamic Values Extraction in JMeter with Realtime Use Cases Examples: –
  • The General Expression
  • E.g. of Multiple Values Extraction by Ignoring Middle Values
  • E.g. of Escape Character
  • E.g. of Extracting a Value in Newline
  • E.g. of Extracting a Value with Left Boundary but No Right Boundary
  • E.g. of Extracting a Value with both Varying Left & Right Boundary
  • E.g. of Extracting the Single Value in Response with No Left & No Right Boundary
  • E.g. of Extracting Complete Response
  • E.g. of Extracting Response (Status) Code
  • E.g. of Extracting Response Message
  • E.g. of Extracting a Value from Response Header
  • E.g. of Extracting Complete Headers
  • E.g. of JMeter Variable in Regular Expression Extractor


  • Realtime Use Cases Examples of Dynamic Values Extraction in JMeter (continued): –
  • E.g. of Picking Value Sequentially (Or in a Pattern) by Each User
  • E.g. of Capturing Last Dynamic Value
  • __V() function
  • Boundary, JSON, & XPath Extractor
  • Test Execution with Best Practices Or Best Practices for Load Testing in JMeter: – Settings at Script Level & in “user.properties” file


  • JMeter Heap Size (or Java Memory)
  • How & Why to Increase JMeter’s Heap Size?
  • Understanding Impacts of Heap Size in functioning of JMeter
  • Upto how much Memory can be increased?
  • Factors affecting User Load generation by JMeter from a Single System
  • How much User Load can JMeter generate from a Single System & How to find that value?
  • Use of JVisualVM to find memory consumption by JMeter
  • Test Execution & JTL file Generation in Non-GUI Mode
  • Summarizer of Non-GUI Mode in Detail
  • HTML Report Generation from Non-GUI Mode with Best Practices
  • HTML Report with Transactions & Requests
  • Understanding JMeter HTML Report
  • HTML Report with Transactions, Requests & Embedded Resources
  • HTML Report with Transactions Only
  • Understanding Execution Commands with Best Practices
  • Importance or Beauty of JTL file
  • Use of Aggregate Report & View Results in Table Listeners


  • HTML Report Generation from GUI Mode using Existing JTL file
  • Ignoring Embedded Resources Failures while Running the Test in JMeter
  • Response Time Values in Seconds in HTML Report
  • Decreasing Summarizer Interval Time
  • Disabling Embedded Resources Renaming as of Parent Request
  • 70%, 80% & 90% in HTML Report & in Aggregate Report Listener
  • Stopping Test Execution in Non-GUI Mode
  • Test Execution, JTL file Generation & HTML Report Generation in GUI Mode
  • Use of Simple Data Writer Listener
  • Test Execution Commands for Proxy Mode
  • Understanding JMeter HTML Report (continued)
  • APDEX in JMeter HTML Report
  • 90% or 95% or 99% Response Time in Detail
  • Why 90% Response Time is Used in Performance Testing?
  • Graphs in JMeter HTML Report
  • Saving Complete Request & Response of a Test while Test Execution to a File (JTL or XML)
  • Saving Request & Response for Only Failed Requests of a Test while Test Execution to a File (JTL or XML)


  • Absolute & Relative Path Setup in JMeter
  • Debugging of Script in JMeter: – 4 helpful options
  • Log Viewer, Types of Log Level, & Example
  • CSV Data Set Config & Random CSV Data Set Config
  • Distributed Load Testing in JMeter using Load Generators (LGs) in GUI & Non-GUI Modes (Master & Slave Concept) (or Remote Testing)


  • Distributed Load Testing in JMeter (continued)
  • Limitations of Distributed Load Testing in JMeter
  • Errors Related to Distributed Load Testing in JMeter
  • Alternate Way of Distributed Load Testing in JMeter


  • JMeter & InfluxDB-Grafana Integration
  • Parameterizing Important Parameters Using __P() function & Why to Use this function?
  • Passing Arguments from CLI in Non-GUI Execution
  • Assigning Values from JMeter’s “user.properties” File to Variables declared using __P() function & Using them in Non-GUI  Test
  • Creating Own Custom Properties File & Passing That Properties File from CLI in Non-GUI Execution
  • Passing an Inbuilt Properties Line from CLI in Non-GUI Execution
  • Running 2 or More Separate JMeter Test Scripts (or JMX Files) Sequentially in One Go in Non-GUI & GUI mode


  • JMeter & Jenkins Integration
  • Running a JMeter Job in Jenkins
  • Running a JMeter Job with Arguments in Jenkins
  • Running a JMeter Job with Integration of Jenkins Performance Plugin
  • Drawbacks of Using Jenkins Performance Plugin & Its Workaround


  • Test Suite Creation in JMeter
  • Understanding Simple Way to Create Test Suite
  • Workload Modelling or User Load Distribution across different Scenarios
  • Test Suite Execution & Its HTML Report Generation
  • Use of Module Controller to Create Test Suite
  • Use of Module Controller & Test Fragment to Create Test Suite
  • Use of Include Controller to Create Test Suite
  • Scope of JMeter Elements & Variables
  • Local & Global Variables


  • Execution Order (or Presidency) of JMeter Elements
  • Creating Own Custom Template in JMeter
  • 3 Ways to Take Help in JMeter for Its Elements & Functions
  • BlazeMeter Organization, Plugins offered by It, & Execution in BlazeMeter Cloud
  • JMeter Intro & Pro Certification
  • 3rd Party Ways for Recording & Exporting to JMeter
  • Manual or Custom Script Creation
  • Custom Script Creation using cURL cmd & Importing to JMeter
  • Custom Script Creation using HAR & Exporting to JMeter
  • Capturing Traffics using Fiddler tool & Exporting to JMeter


  • 3rd Party Ways of Recording & Exporting to JMeter (continued)
  • Recording using BlazeMeter Chrome Plugin & Exporting to JMeter
  • Recording using BadBoy tool & Exporting to JMeter
  • Limitations of 3rd Party Ways for Recording
  • HTTP Response Codes (or Status Codes)
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Concurrent Users & Simultaneous Users
  • Test Run, Analysis & Reporting
  • Baseline, Bottlenecks & Benchmark
  • Latency, Bandwidth, Throughput, Response Time, Connect Time, Service Time, Queue Time, Standard Deviation
  • JMeter Elements, Their Sub-Elements & Their Attributes in Detail: –
  • Test Plan Element of JMeter
  • Threads & Thread Group Elements of JMeter: –
  • Thread Group
  • setUp Thread Group
  • tearDown Thread Group
  • Stepping Thread Group
  • Ultimate Thread Group
  • Concurrency Thread Group


  • Controller Elements of JMeter: –
  • Recording Controller
  • Transaction Controller
  • Simple Controller
  • Loop Controller
  • Runtime Controller
  • Random Controller
  • Random Order Controller
  • Interleave Controller
  • Once Only Controller
  • Parallel Controller
  • Throughput Controller
  • Switch Controller
  • If Controller


  • While Controller
  • Module Controller
  • Include Controller
  • ForEach Controller
  • Critical Section Controller
  • Sampler Elements of JMeter


  • Config Elements of JMeter: –
  • HTTP Header Manager
  • HTTP Cookie Manager
  • HTTP Cache Manager
  • HTTP Request Defaults
  • User Defined Variables
  • Counter Config Element
  • Random Variable Config Element
  • JDBC Connection Configuration
  • FTP Request Defaults
  • WebDriver Config
  • HTTP Authorization Manager
  • Windows Authentication or Browser Pop Up Handling
  • Assertion Elements of JMeter
  • Timer Elements of JMeter: –
  • Constant Timer
  • Uniform Random Timer
  • Gaussian Random Timer
  • Poisson Random Timer
  • Think Time in JMeter


  • Synchronizing Timer
  • Big Billion Day or Black Friday or Rendezvous Scenario
  • Throughput in PT
  • Constant Throughput Timer
  • Pacing in JMeter
  • Listener Elements in JMeter
  • Pre-Processors Elements of JMeter
  • Post-Processors Elements of JMeter


  • JMeter & BeanShell (& JSR223) & Understanding It w.r.t.  Java with Realtime Use Cases Examples
  • Introduction
  • BeanShell (& JSR223) Sampler
  • BeanShell (& JSR223) Pre-Processor
  • BeanShell (& JSR223) Post-Processor
  • BeanShell (& JSR223) Assertion
  • Variables, Integers, Strings
  • Logging/Printing Values in JMeter Log Viewer & JMeter Console: – log.info(),  print()  &  System.out.println()
  • vars.put()  &  vars.get()
  • Integer to String Conversion


  • Saving/Writing a Correlated Value to a File
  • Saving/Writing multiple Correlated Values to a File
  • Overwrite & Append operations
  • JSR223 Element w.r.t. to Java
  • Test Data Preparation & Saving/Writing User Credentials to a File
  • Test Data Preparation & Saving/Writing User Credentials to a File for only Success Transactions
  • String Comparison


  • Saving/Writing User Credentials for Success Or Failed Users from a Long List of Test Data to a File
  • Saving/Writing Users with their Booked Order details to a File
  • Addition Or other mathematical operations to a Number using JMeter Functions Or Java Code
  • String to Integer Conversion & Integer to String Conversion


  • Storing All Matches Or All Values Stored in an Array Variable to a Single Variable,  Shuffling,  Removing  Or  Saving/Writing to a File
  • Replacing or Removing a Character or Spaces from a Value
  • Trimming Start & End Spaces from a Value
  • prev.get  &  ctx.get
  • Saving Complete Response to a Variable
  • Saving a Single Value in Response to a Variable
  • Failing/Passing a Request based on certain Condition & Stopping User on Failure (E.g. of BeanShell Assertion)


  • Creating & Deleting Files & Folders: – All Files, Files with a Particular Extension, Clearing a Folder
  • Passing a Value from One Thread Group to Another Thread Group: – __setProperty(),   __property()   &   props()
  • Looping one or set of Transactions based on certain Condition (E.g. of While Controller)
  • Booking an Order till a Particular Amount is Achieved in “Add to Cart” Transaction (E.g. of While Controller)
  • Booking an Order till a Particular Amount is Achieved in “Add to Cart” Transaction with each time an Item Selected should Not be Less than a Particular Amount (E.g. of While Controller)
  • Executing different Transactions based on certain Cases or Conditions (E.g. of Switch Controller)
  • Error Handling in JMeter


  • JMeter & FTP Server Testing (File Upload & Download)
  • JMeter & HTTP(s) File Download Scenario
  • JMeter & HTTP(s) File Upload Scenario


  • JMeter & REST API Testing
  • Use of JSON Extractor
  • Use of JSON Assertion
  • JMeter & SOAP API Testing


  • JMeter & Database (Queries) Testing


  • Server-Side Matrices
  • JMeter & PerfMon for Server Monitoring
  • Client-Side Matrices
  • Factors affecting Web Performance on Client-Side
  • Client-Side Performance Testing Tools


  • JMeter & Selenium WebDriver Integration for Page Load (or Client Side or User (or Browser) Experience) Testing


  • JMeter Functions


  • JMeter & IP Spoofing (or Geolocation Testing)
  • JMeter & Network Speed Simulation to Test at Different Network Bandwidths (or Network Throttling)


  • Miscellaneous

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    JMeter is very mature and big tool with tons of features, JMeter java classes (code) are around 5K-plus,
    It takes continuous effort and practise to use JMeter effectively
    Besides JMeter being a GUI driven tool, with each component having manyy configurations, and each configuration effect and side-effect has to be understood for effective design of Performance test plan.
    1) Vallab conducted the classes regularly
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    3.) Had tons of worked example for each component and its behaviour.
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