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Heap Memory, Dump & Analysis: By Radhakrishna Prasad

Training Subject: Heap Memory, Heap Dump and Heap Dump Analysis Trainer Details:Trainer: RadhaKrishna PrasadLinkedIn: Covered Topics: What is Heap Memory and Heap Dump – What to look for? Shallow vs Retained Heap and Heap vs Stack The broader context of Eden, Survivor, Old and Permgen/Metaspace memory areas Finding the root cause for OutOfMemory…
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Chaos Engineering Training

Topic: Chaos Engineering – A leap towards the role of a System Reliability Engineer Training Training Details: Training Agenda: Responsibilities and activities performed by a chaos engineer or a site reliability engineer. Gremlin and its applications in chaos engineering Building resilient systems and applications Design, Plan, Manage and run chaos experiments at your company Break…
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Performance Monitoring – Do it Yourself

Workshop Details: Type: Free Workshop for Knowledge Sharing Topic: How to set up your own monitoring tools using both open source tools and commercial free editions covering both applications and databases. TICK Stack Appdynamics Lite Elastic & Mongo Database Native Monitoring Date: 13 Sep 2020 Time: 8 PM (IST) / 10:30 AM (EST) Duration: 1…
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“Performance Testing with JMeter – Basics to Advanced Level with BeanShell (or JSR223) Use Cases & Realtime Project Application Scripting” Video Course – by V.K. on SALE

V. K. presents a series of Apache JMeter Video Course which will enhance your knowledge from the basic level to advanced level along with BeanShell (or JSR223) Scripting and real-time use cases & examples. This is 70+ Hours (42 Days, 1.5 hours each day) of “Performance Testing with JMeter v5.4.1 – Basics to Advanced Level…
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JMeter & BlazeMeter Weekend Course

Training Details: Date: 30 & 31 Jan 2021 Demo: 24 Jan 2021 Time: 8 AM to 10:30 AM (IST) Course Duration: 5 hours Mode of Training: Online Course Content/Topics: Introduction to JMeter Components of JMeter Recording a Workflow Google Developer tool for PT Correlation, Response Assertions JMeter limitations Why BlazeMeter? Introduction to BlazeMeter Creating a…
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