Interim Performance Test Report Document

Purpose of Interim Performance Test Report:

Interim Performance Test Report provides a detailed result analysis of the individual performance test. It is a lite (small) test report which comprises the test goal, expected results, actual results, observations and identified defect list. This test report helps to take a decision about whether an application is perfect from a performance point of view or needs performance tuning. The report may include client-side stats, server-side stats, network reports, AWR reports, heap dump analysis, thread dump analysis, GC analysis reports etc.

When to prepare?

A performance tester publishes the Interim Test Report during the Performance Test Execution phase. He prepares a separate test report for each performance test and shares it with the project/client.

The Interim Test Report has a detailed analysis of the test result along with the related artefacts. A performance tester also writes down all the findings and observations in the test report. The main advantage of an interim test report is to highlight the bottlenecks identified in the test during the performance test execution phase. Likewise, developers can also tune the application and provide the solution which can be tested in the next test.

If the test meets the defined NFRs then the next performance test (in the list) can be started.

Who does prepare?

The Performance Test Analyst or Engineer who conducts the performance test; prepares a detailed interim test report. He collects all the stats like performance testing tool report, server monitoring tool report, network monitoring tool report, and a different type of dump analysis report and starts the analysis. He captures all the findings in the interim test report and decides the way forward plan.

A performance test lead or manager has a responsibility to review the test report before sharing it with the project/client.

Interim Test Report Document Template:

The Interim Test Report document template is available here.

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  1. Could you please explain little more on Security testing and what tools can we choose as part of performance testing?
    2) What is Accessibility testing in NFT and pls explain the process as well?
    3)Please explain Disaster recovery testing in NFT?


    • Hi Team, Could you please respond on the same and please provide the detailed information/videos on that for clear understanding..

    • Hi Karthika,

      A generic category of Security, Accessibility, Disaster Recovery and Usability Testing is NPNFT (Non-Performance Non-Functional Testing). We will try to cover these topics as well in future posts. Thanks!


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