Non-Functional Requirement Document

Purpose of Non-Functional Requirement Document:

The purpose of the NFR document is to collect, analyse and finalise the requirement for performance testing. The project team (or client) provides the non-functional requirement, which may be in layman’s terms. A performance tester gathers all the required information regarding non-functional tests and then prepares a non-functional requirement document. This document provides a quantitative NFR which helps to build a correct workload model during the scenario creation phase.

When to prepare?

NFR gathering activity starts just after the successful completion of the risk assessment. A performance tester finalises the scope of performance testing during the risk assessment and then starts gathering the non-functional requirements against the in-scope components. The Non-Functional Requirement Gathering phase comes at second place in the Performance Testing Life Cycle. A performance tester gets all the NFRs from the project/client and converts them into testable NFRs. Once the requirements are precise the next phase i.e. Performance Test Planning can be started.

Who does prepare?

Performance Test Manager or Lead has a responsibility to collect, analyse and finalise the non-functional requirements.

Non-Functional Requirement Document Template:

The performance testing NFR document template is available here.

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