Performance Test Plan Document

Purpose of Performance (Non-Functional) Test Plan Document:

Performance Test Plan captures the performance testing requirement, testing scope and a detailed approach about what and how to test? A performance (or non-functional) test plan document comprises of:

  1. Practical test goals
  2. Accurate test strategy
  3. Expected Result
  4. Known risks
  5. Identified issues
  6. Assumptions
  7. Aligned support team details
  8. Testing Timelines etc.

Sometimes, this document is also known as Non-Functional Test Plan.

When to prepare?

A performance tester prepares a performance test plan document after analysing the scope of performance testing in the Risk Assessment phase and getting all the quantitative NFRs in the Non-Functional Requirement gathering phase. Basically, the performance test plan is a deliverable of Performance Test Planning phase which comes at the third place in the Performance Test Life Cycle.

Who does prepare?

Performance Test Manager or Lead prepares the performance test plan. He has a responsibility to collect all the required details by referring to the project documents. He may also schedule some meetings with key stakeholders to get the required details. Once he gets all the details then he documents that information in the performance test plan and shares with stakeholder for approval.

Performance (Non-Functional) Test Plan Document Template:

The performance test plan document template is available here.

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