Performance Test Report Document

Purpose of the Performance Test Report:

The Final Performance Test Report provides an overall test result, test analysis and recommendations to the project team or client from the application’s performance perspective. The Performance Test Report document helps to take the GO / NO-GO decision for the whole application or specific business functionality. The test report comprises of:

  • A detailed description of performance test results
  • GO/NO-GO decision
  • Observations and findings
  • Recommendations
  • Identified Defects (Detected/Closed/Open)

Performance Test Report is an important document from the project delivery perspective. The project delivery closure document must have the performance test report. In case, the performance test report gives a NO-GO decision which signals the application is unfit for production, then the application cannot Go-Live.

When to prepare?

The final performance test report is prepared in the Performance Testing Reporting phase i.e. at the end of the performance testing life cycle. This is the last task of a performance tester before closing the performance testing phase of a project. A performance tester starts preparing this report after finishing all the agreed performance tests and combines all the test results into one report i.e. Final Performance Test Report.

Who does prepare?

Performance Test Lead or Manager prepares the final performance test report. He can take the help of performance test analysts or engineers who were involved in the performance test execution. He collects all the test results, prepares a combined test report and presents it to the project or client. The Performance Test Manager takes the GO / NO-GO decision of the application after discussing it with the project team.

Final Performance Test Report Document Template:

The document template is available here. You can use it for your final performance test delivery.

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